Project Shivajinagar

Sanitation in Shivajinagar has long been ignored, it lacked basic waste management system. It is important to put a proper Waste management system in place because its mismanagement can generally result in the spread of diseases, a risk to individuals who come into contact with the garbage, a risk from the animals that carry microorganisms, a loss of aesthetic appeal, and a degradation of the natural landscape.

On 14 November 2022, a cleanliness campaign for beautification and greening of this area was kick started by the Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad and DCP East Sharanappa. Bengaluru civic body working alongside NGOs have cleared some 34 black spots.

The Ugly Indians too joined hands to paint the walls of the ward and beautify the surrounding. According to BBMP representatives, the project will emphasize on awareness of cleanliness, proper waste segregation, and garbage disposal.

This awareness campaign aims to decentralize waste collection by ensuring dry and wet waste separation at the source. MLA Rizwan Arshad went door-to-door and provided separate dustbins for segregation As a result, just 8–10% of the total waste produced would end up at a landfill. In the future, garbage might be turned into compost and biogas, which could be sold to make more money.

Similar joint effort was previously made in Russell Market, where the vendors were instructed in source segregation and this was collected in separate bags. The vendors were paid about Rs.2 per kg as encouragement, which is a financial incentive for these shopkeepers. Even thermocol, the substance used for letter packaging, is stored and collected separately.

The aim is to make Russell Market zero waste zone.
Previously during rains, the dump yards would overflow contaminating the soil. Surrounding villages have been complaining as this causes unhealthy living conditions for the villagers. The initiative has helped clean these dirty dumping yards.