Halasuru Habba

Halasuru Habba was organised to inaugurate the newly constructed Ambedkar PHC, Community hall and Football stadium. The event included many festive activities to celebrate.

Samudhaya Bhavan

Under ‘Amrutha Nagarothana’ Scheme, with the vision of Rizwan Arshad MLA, Shivajinagar constituency. Infrastructure with top-notch amenities is being built for all socioeconomic classes, making it available to the under previleged. The Samudhaya Bhavan features a convention hall, a mini party hall, and a multipurpose hall. The venue would host events that serves a variety of purposes, including group activities, social gatherings, public education, and others.

Ambedkar PHC

With the inspiration of Rizwan Arshad, MLA, Shivajinagar constituency, under the “Amrutha Nagarothana” Plan. A primary health care facility including a pharmacy, general ward, and general consultation services has been constructed. Primary care will improve access to health services for isolated or poor population groups who might not otherwise have the means to get treatments. Because primary care providers are the main entry point into the healthcare system, they are prepared to help people understand and discuss their health as well as any special concerns they may be having.

Football ground

With a motive to encourage sports and out-door games the Football ground was renovated with, 3 Badminton courts, Gym, Fitness Hall, Kindergarten is renovated. It meets community needs, fosters social interaction, and helps sports grow in the area because it shows how safe and enjoyable playing indoors is, which could inspire a lot of people.