Rizwan Arshad


Rizwan Arshad, your candidate from Indian National Congress, is ready to serve you.

As a people’s man, he has the willingness, patience and the concern to understand and resolve the issues of importance faced by the people of Bangalore Central. Rizwan responds with real actions based on long-lasting solutions and is committed to bringing positive change for the residents of Bangalore Central.

Bangalore Central Constituency

Bangalore Central is one of the largest constituencies, comprising of 8 Legislative Assemblies. Three million people from all walks of life call this constituency their home. It has the potential to become one of the most developed parts of the city.

Rizwan Arshad is:





The key challenges that Rizwan addresses are:

Furthering opportunities for youth

Innovative ways to manage waste

Boosting urban infrastructure

Citizen Safety

Traffic Management

Water Resource Management

So, it’s time for the residents to make an informed and conscious choice in selecting this experienced and enthusiastic leader as their representative.

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